News: Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 10, has chosen overwhelmingly to endorse Kris Heiser for Worcester County State’s Attorney -

   After hearing from both candidates at a Lodge 10 forum, members of Worcester County’s largest FOP Lodge voted overwhelmingly to endorse Kris Heiser for Worcester County State’s Attorney. The vote was open to all members in good standing, including retired officers, and results presented on March 23, 2018 showed Heiser had been endorsed by a margin of more than 2 to 1. Heiser stated “I am so humbled to receive such meaningful support from our county’s law enforcement. I have worked very hard for over a decade to gain their respect and to earn their trust as a strong, capable prosecutor. I am grateful that they are publicly recognizing me as the best candidate for this position.”

       Heiser, currently a prosecutor in Wicomico County, previously worked as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Worcester County from 2008 through 2011, and has tried virtually every type of criminal case, from DUI and domestic assault to drug distribution and murder. She comes from a family of law enforcement and is married to a police officer, and says that her background gives her a unique perspective into the challenges facing police and their families today.

Heiser further added, “I applaud Lodge 10 for its commitment to holding free and fair elections where every member is allowed and encouraged to exercise their right to vote. The results of this vote can be verified, trusted and relied upon by Worcester County citizens when they make their decisions at the polls on June 26, 2018.”

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