The people of Worcester County deserve a strong, experienced leader as their State’s Attorney to ensure safe communities and decisive prosecution of criminals. Kris Heiser is a veteran prosecutor with over ten years of experience winning cases, supporting crime victims and addressing community concerns across the Lower Eastern Shore. As our State’s Attorney, she will fight for tougher sentences for criminals, she will advocate for and empower victims, and she will collaborate with law enforcement to maintain security for all of Worcester County.
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Meet Kris

Kris Heiser


Kris Heiser’s parents instilled in her at a young age a sense of civic duty and service, and a deep respect for law enforcement. After obtaining her juris doctor from the University of Maryland School of Law, she moved to Ocean City to pursue a career as a prosecutor and to carry out that call to service by bettering her Worcester County community. As a member of this community, she has been able to witness first-hand what a difference a strong, thorough application of the law has had in her own neighborhood, especially when law enforcement agencies partner with prosecutors. Married to a police officer, Kris has a unique window into the challenges facing law enforcement officers and their families, and how prosecutors can collaborate with them to make a real difference that friends and neighbors can see and feel.


While an Assistant State’s Attorney in Worcester County, Kris successfully prosecuted virtually every kind of criminal case, from illegal drug distribution, felony burglary and theft, to domestic violence, sexual assault and murder. She accepted a position in Wicomico County in 2011 to gain a wider breadth of experience, and for the last 6 years, she has prosecuted dangerous criminals in one of the most violent cities per capita in the nation.


Under the administration of now Circuit Court Judge Matt Maciarello, Kris was tasked with the hiring, training and supervision of all new prosecutors, and is a first-line resource to them while they adjust to the many challenges of the position. She has built a strong team of prosecutors from the ground up, and continues to support and train them in the mission of achieving justice. Kris also has 6 years of experience as a supervisor in the District Court Division, managing administrative and support staff and overseeing its overall function.


Throughout her career, Kris has been trusted consistently by judges across the Eastern Shore, who have appointed her to handle special prosecution cases in which local officials have had conflicts of interest. Seeking justice in these types of cases can be challenging due to the pressures placed upon a prosecutor, but Kris has earned a reputation in the legal community for treating everyone equally, and relying on common sense to reach fair outcomes. In prosecuting these special cases, Kris has also had the opportunity to appear before and learn from judges in a variety of counties and court systems, and she is in a position now to take that knowledge and apply it to serve as State’s Attorney in Worcester County.


While she was a prosecutor in Worcester County, in addition to winning cases, she acted as a liaison between the State’s Attorney’s Office and all law enforcement agencies in the county to advise on legal issues and provide directives on new policies and procedures to assist in consistent police action and aid in successful prosecution of cases. She has strong connections and has developed meaningful and productive relationships with law enforcement in Worcester County that continue to this day.

The people of Worcester County deserve a strong, experienced leader as their State’s Attorney. Kris Heiser has the experience as a strong team leader, the commitment to justice for the people of Worcester County, and a ten year track record of obtaining results as a prosecutor. She has the passion and dedication to be the State’s Attorney that Worcester County deserves.


Kris Heiser


Criminals need to know that Worcester County is no place to commit a crime. They need to know that justice will be quick and certain. As State’s Attorney, Kris Heiser and her team will send this message with every action taken and every case prosecuted – no matter how minor the case may seem. We can prevent minor criminals from graduating to felonies when we make sure they feel the consequences from their first offense.


Victims need to know that the Worcester County State’s Attorney’s Office is understanding of their needs, empathetic to their situation, proactive in getting results and responsive to their questions. As State’s Attorney, Kris Heiser will ensure that victims are immediately assigned a contact at the State’s Attorney’s Office to answer their questions, direct them to supporting agencies and outreach groups and coordinate their court appearances.


Our friends and neighbors throughout Worcester County need to know that the Worcester County State’s Attorney’s Office is accountable to them and accessible to them. Under Kris Heiser’s leadership, specific prosecutors will be assigned to the various communities of Worcester County, and will work with local community partners to address matters affecting law enforcement and criminal prosecution. Prosecutors will also be available to speak to service organizations and at community functions so that concerned citizens can ask questions, present issues, and engage neighbors to find solutions.


Kris Heiser has been my friend for a long time and I know her support for both the police and firefighters in this county.

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I admire her strength, commitment, determination, common sense and knowledge of the legal system

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This lady is nobody’s fool. Kris won’t be too busy playing politics to try a case, and she isn’t afraid to make the hard decisions.

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My family and I have been business owners and residents here in Worcester County for over 20 years. Our focus is on contributing to our community while proactively helping to grow local business.

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Having 25+ years of law enforcement experience, I have seen many prosecutors come and go, and after watching Kris Heiser in the courtroom for the last ten years, I am endorsing her for Worcester County State’s Attorney.

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It is my distinct pleasure to endorse Kris Heiser as State’s Attorney for Worcester County, Maryland. I have had the honor of working with Kris since 2008 when I gave Kris her first job as a prosecutor.

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Kris is the epitome of professionalism, experience and integrity. As a former law enforcement officer in Worcester County, I appreciate her passion for law and order along with her ideas for common sense proactive measures to keep our citizens safe.

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Kris Heiser is a solid prosecutor who is tough on crime. She stands up for citizens by pursuing justice for all. She is my choice for State’s Attorney.

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I choose Kris Heiser for Worcester County State’s Attorney. She has acquired a great deal of experience prosecuting crimes in both Wicomico and Worcester counties, and is admired for her work by both the public and law enforcement.

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Sheriff Reggie Mason

I am proud to endorse Kris Heiser for Worcester County State’s Attorney. Kris is a career prosecutor and a life-long Republican with a decade of experience trying difficult cases across the lower Eastern Shore.

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In The News

After hearing from both candidates at a Lodge 10 forum, members of Worcester County’s largest FOP Lodge voted overwhelmingly to endorse Kris Heiser for Worcester County State’s Attorney.

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